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Biofield Tuning Session

$3,000.00 MXN

What you can achieve in this sesión: 

-Reduction of stress and anxiety 

-Elevate relaxation in body, mind and emotion 

-Reduce insomnia

-Reduce physical pain 

-Aid in digestion 

-Align chakras  

-Neutralize energetic charges 

-Return to emotional balance people who have suffered from depression and/or bipolarism 

...And many other benefits

What is sound therapy with tuning forks? 

The theory is that like the sun has a heliosphere that surrounds it, we have a biomagnetic field that impregnates and surrounds the body. This field holds our memories. All physical, emotional and mental sickness can be perceived from dissonance in the biofield.

Sound therapy with tuning forks can reduce and resolve dissonance, alleviating and even removing physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms. 

We are talking about resonance and drag, principles of basic Newtonian physics. The activated tuning fork will resound with a perturbation and because it’s sending a highly coherent signal, we can drag it towards the body, bringing coherence and harmonization. 

How does it work? 

During the session, the client is completely clothed, lying face up while the practitioner activates the tuning fork and scans the body. When a turbulent area is found, the fork is activated until liberation of the frequencies is achieved. Research suggests that the body uses the coherent vibrational frequency of the tuning fork to “autotune” itself. Like a car or an instrument needs a tune up, we can also greatly benefit from one as well. It helps to dissolve resistances and allow the body to release tensiones it is carrying. 

Depending on the area and distance from the body the fork has found a perturbation in the field, we can find the age and type of memory that caused the dissonance. This helps to resolve and release traumas that we have been carrying since childhood. 

Clients have reported feeling very relaxed, with less physical pain, fewer problems and even resolved symptoms. 

***This therapy is not apt for individuals who are extremely sick (cancer, terminal illnesses, close to death, morbidly obese). It is not apt for pregnant woman, people with pacemakers or other electronic implants or fractured bones. 

***Clients may experience a “detox response” after a session. It’s completely normal and means that your body is releasing stress and traumas held up in the body. Generally, symptoms pass in 1-3 days. Symptoms include: fatigue, emotional waves, headaches and/or dizziness, flu like symptoms or in rare instances- fever and vomiting. If you feel any of this, consult with us to help you through your detox and program another session to transmute it. 

Hi I’m Gabrielle 

Gabrielle Marie Tenney Ibarra, Sound Therapist and Wellness Coach 

I studied the culinary arts at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY and then got a bachelor’s in Marketing at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. Now I use these degrees as I guide people to physical health through healthy eating with my company Mixtli, Gourmet Spices. I also advocate for health in our 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) as a cofounder at Casa Cultural Mixtli. Now I help guide people to alignment through understanding their innate emotional intelligence through tuning their electromagnétic biofield. My desire is the help you maximize your energetic, emotional, mental and physical health. 

Hi I’m Tlamatinitzin

D. Tlamatinitzin García Segura, Life Architect 

My bases are a product of my love of family and a voracious appetite for spiritual and scientific knowledge, thanks to my ancestors: doctors, chemists, lawyers, military men, teachers and shamans. My pillars are love and integrity. My weapons are powerful. My mission is to help humanity to find their way: freedom, harmony, gratitude, love for each thing they do and for life itself. Through sound therapy, coaching and other disciplines by our team at Starets we can help you to create your new life; fuller and more conscientious. 

If you would prefer to make an appointment with a human directly, call 322 323 8481 or send a WhatsApp

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1-90 minute session of Biofield Tuning and coaching for balancing the emotional, mental, energetic and physical bodies. 

This session includes: 

  • 1-90 minute individual session in person or by phone with 2 practitioners
  • Healing using tuning forks, crystals and reiki during your session
  • Techniques to organize your goals and create a plan of action to reach it

This consult is 100% personalized

*3-8 sessions are recommended, 1 per week- ask for our bundles 

*In-Home Service Fee may apply



*Envios gratis apartir de $400.00 MXN

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